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Mother of Josephine, born Sleeping 19.9.19

My name is Antje and I am Josephine's mum. Josephine died very unexpectedly in September 2019 when I was 7 months pregnant with her. ⁠

Before I started working with Julia, I felt that nothing was in my control anymore. I felt I could not live with this pain of losing my daughter. I have never felt such love, so I have never felt such pain. I was hopeless, angry and often very lonely in my grief, and COVID made this worse. I often questioned myself when people turned away from me. I put pressure on myself to 'be better' which made me feel even worse.⁠

Through Julia's support, I have started to change my perspective on how I can deal with these intense feelings and intrusive thoughts. I am looking less for people or things on the outside to help me, a process that was often disappointing and even destructive. Instead, I have started to trust myself more to be able to keep my head above water even when the storm is really bad. I also reassessed what healing means for me. I gave myself permission to free up the space and time that I need. I know this is my own journey. I often find it still hard to accept. But I know even when I break down, I have the ability to get up again with the love I feel for my daughter keeping me going. ⁠

I really like Julia's approach of working with different, practical techniques and tailoring the sessions to her client's needs. I like her calm nature and that I can trust her completely with sharing anything that comes up for me because I know she is also on the path of grieving for her son Simon. ⁠

I felt grief counselling was helpful in 'talking it through', but I did not feel it enabled me to deal with these intense thoughts and emotions when my counsellor was not present with me, and that's when they usually were the most overwhelming. Julia is very generous in sharing ways that have helped her and others to cope with this. She is supporting bereaved parents to grow, beyond counselling. So I would wholeheartedly recommend Julia to anyone who has experienced the crushing pain of losing their baby if they would like to feel hope again.